Famous Shows and Concerts - Ed Sullivan and The Beatles

Capitol Press Release dated Jan. 29, 1964

Like 'em or not, The Beatles have become the biggest thing in pop music since Elvis Presley turned up a decade ago.

The Beatles' first American single, "I Want To Hold Your Hand," was released by Capitol Dec. 30. One week later, it was the No. 1 record in the country on three out of four record tradepaper charts.


The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Stage

The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Stage

Ed Sullivan and The Beatles

It all started in October 1963 when Ed Sullivan and his wife were in London where they were delayed at Heathrow Airport by the crowds greeting them on their return from Sweden. As the story goes, Sullivan took note of the interest that they drew, and later, met with Brian Epstein, their manager. The Ed Sullivan show was the top rated variety show on US television, and was known for presenting first looks at up-and-coming acts.

The rest is television history. Fifty thousand ticket requests came in for the 728 available seats, and on February 9, 1964 Nielsen estimated the audience at 73+ million viewers, something like 45% of the country. Everything stood still while America watched the Fab Four.

Ed Sullivan with The Beatles

Ed Sullivan with The Beatles

The Beatles sang 5 songs: All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. From the very first note, girls in the audience were screaming while a closeup of John Lennon had carried a message "sorry girls, he's married". Although the Beatles appeared on the show 8 more times, this was the only performance that was live in the studio.

The Beatles were on again for the next 2 weeks. For February 16, 1964, they broadcast a live performance from their hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. The Beatles played to a live audience during the afternoon at the hotel, then at 8 p.m., broadcast a live performance on The Ed Sullivan Show by satellite. The Beatles sang six songs; She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. On the following week, the performance was by a tape that was recorded when they were in the studio on the 9th. They played three songs, Twist and Shout, Please Please Me, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. During the performance, Ed Sullivan thanked The Beatles for "being four of the nicest youngsters".


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