Famous Shows and Concerts


Rock and Roll was new, it was loud, some of the lyrics were a bit juicy, and your parents didn’t like the new dances. but television helped. TV was still new and pioneering it’s own path, but it played a big part in the growth of Rock. The tube showed off the better side of some of the new stars and let the world see the performers . Whether it was Ed Sullivan or Dick Clark, early TV was a big part of The Golden Age of Rock.

American Bandstand

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show

Shindig, Hootenany, and Hullabaloo

Rock Concerts

The Big 3 concerts, Monterey, Woodstock, and Altamont are mirrors of the ascent and descent of the Golden Age of Rock. At Monterey in 1967, the Summer of Love was just beginning and Flower Power was blooming. By the time of Woodstock in August ’69, Flower Power had passed and we were in full Hippie mode. Just a short while later, in December 69 at Altamont, the ideals of Peace and Love were forgotten and we were passed the end of The Golden Age of Rock.

Altamont Festival

Monterey Pop Festival

Newport Folk Festival

Powder Ridge